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Operative leasing of compressor equipment

Buying technology without investment – you do not have to bind your own money in long-term assets.

Tax expense without depreciation – monthly installments for operating leases are fully eligible costs.

You know how much you pay – you pay only one monthly installment. Your spending will be just as planned.

  • Acquisition without investment
  • Tax advantage
  • No worries

Operative leasing and its benefits

Operational leasing – renting a compressor or compressor station for a limited time, usually for 3 to 5 years.
Operating a compressor or compressor station without investment
You only pay monthly installments. You can use the saved resources to develop your core business.

2. There is no need for a down payment

You do not pay a one-off installment in advance (so-called down payment).

3. Stable cost of machinery

Payments are guaranteed throughout the lease term. You have the cost of a machine park under your control.

4. Tax benefits

The installment is a cost item, it is fully tax deductible. The machine is not listed in the lessee’s balance sheet, the machine is depreciated by the lessor.

5. Flexible choice of lease length

The length of your rental is determined by your needs and requirements. You can only get everything for the time you use it.

6. Quick approval of the lease

Approval of operating leases takes several days.

7. Simplicity

You simply enjoy the subject of leasing. At the end of the contract period, you have the option to extend the contract, purchase or return the machine. You are not worried about selling the used machine.

8. Service

Throughout the duration of the lease, our company will take care of your service. In case of your interest, service and maintenance charges may be included in installments.

9. Insurance

Machines are insured against damage caused by accidents, elements, theft and vandalism. Furthermore, machines have a machine insurance that covers most of the machine’s operating failures. Insurance is part of installments.

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