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Effective blowing

We will design blowing solutions for your traffic exactly to your needs. To compare the current state of compressed air consumption with the new technology, we will measure and then compare the two uses. We will calculate your return on investment in new technology. We will ensure installation and commissioning.

  • Low air consumption
  • flow amplification
  • Low noise level

Blowing knives

The blasting knife consists of two body parts and planes. The material version may be aluminum alloy, stainless steel or plastic. The maximum working pressure is 8 bar. Increasing the power of the current can be done by enlarging the slit, ie by adding a planchette. Reinforcing the air flow is also caused by a specially shaped blade, which creates an effect of ambient air suction (so-called Coanda effect). This type of bin is the right solution for the constant learning of your operations.

Funkce vzduchových nožů

Obrázek 1: Funkce vzduchových nožů

Figure 1: Air knife function

Blowing guns

Quality forged pistols have a longer service life and reduce the risk of permanent leakage. By reducing the piston’s inlet pressure to a level that will meet your need, you will not waste compressed air unnecessarily. It is also advisable to equip the pistol with pressure-controlled nozzles or a lockable pressure regulator to prevent the operator from wasting compressed air. The acquisition of injector nozzles (see Figure 2) results in increased air flow. From an economic point of view, we recommend replacing all nozzles with a diameter greater than 1.5 mm.

Druhy trysek

Figure 2: Types of nozzles

Types of pistols

economy of blowing

graf1 graf2

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