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Ekonomika stlačeného vzduchu

New number Compressed air economy

New issue of our bulletin The compressed air economy is in the world! We are pleased with your great interest…

News 13. November 2018
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Young Energy Europe - stlaceny vzduch

Lectures in the program of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On October 10, 2018, as part of the Young Energy Europe project, we have lectured at the National Technical Library…

News 22. October 2018
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separace kondenzátu

Disposal of condensate

Do you know that the cost of condensation is also included in the economy of compressed air? We solved the…

Posts 22. October 2018
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Tlaková ztráta filtrů

Pressure loss of compressed air filtration

The quality of the compressed air is directly reflected in the cost of its production. Having good compressed air does…

Posts 22. October 2018
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Využití odpadního tepla

Example of waste heat recovery and VSD + compressor

In one gas company, we designed a new Atlas Copco GA 75 VSD + compressor based on the analysis simulation.…

Posts 22. October 2018
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Dopravní transvektor

Traffic transporters and their use

An interesting solution for transporting and distributing different materials can be transvesters. These nozzles are similar to air knives called…

Posts 10. August 2018
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Odlehčeno - kompresor

Loss of energy in a light state

Do you know what the actual specific energy consumption of the compressor depends on? It is the sum of efficiently…

Posts 13. July 2018
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kvalita stlaceneho vzduchu

Influence of compressed air quality on the state of air distribution

Unadulterated compressed air causes corrosion of individual elements of the manifold, pressure loss and contamination, corrosion and increased wear of…

Posts 13. July 2018
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Alunet & SicoAir system

Connecting two compressed air systems

Are you running several separate compressed air systems and asking if it's economic? Energy analysis in one South Bohemian toolroom…

Posts 25. June 2018
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Ekonomika stlačeného vzduchu 1/2 2018

New issue of our bulletin “Economy of compressed air” 1/2 2018

Compressors and reliability of compressed air supply are fully dependent on the perfect condition of bearings and all rotating parts.…

News 31. May 2018
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