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Measurement of air leakage

Do you think how to systematically solve the problem of compressed air leakage? Perform leakage searches with the SONAPHONE SMART professional ultrasonic detector. The measurement output is a protocol with marked leakages, their parameters and properties relative to the cost of compressed air production.

The main advantage of this measurement is that the detector measures the entire ultrasonic band, ie 20 to 100 kHz. Thanks to this feature, it is able to detect almost all the leaks and also to determine the character, to predict volume leakage. We have a parabolic probe with a range of up to 25 m, which can detect leaks in normally inaccessible places. Due to this fact, the measurement has no effect on the fluency of the customer’s operation. Each measured leak is labeled, fired, recorded and classified. Measurement evaluation is a protocol with a list of all leaks, the main purpose of which is to quantify the customer’s financial loss caused by leakage (eg poor state of distribution or pneumatic elements). It is recommended to carry out the measurements periodically and, in connection with the evaluation, to carry out systematic leakage removal throughout the operation.

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