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Inspection of pressure vessels

We carry out inspections and tests of operating pressure vessels that are stable on the basis of the following authorizations:

Certification of TIČR Prague ev.č. 1110/3/13 / R-TZ-NA

Authorization of ITI Praha ev.č. 0290/3/08 / TZ-R-NA

  • Operator training
  • Add documentation
  • Consultation


  • consultations on the operation of pressure vessels
  • consultation of defects and their removal after visiting the Labor Inspectorate
  • consultations with experts from the Labor Inspectorate and the Institute of Technical Inspection (ITI)
  • consultations with authorized persons on the certification of pressure vessels for operation in the EU


  • training, checking and training of pressure vessel operators
  • training and testing of low pressure boiler boilers


  • We provide “Pasport Pressure Vessels” (or duplicate) in accordance with ČSN 69 0010, including the
  • strength calculation, or complete the drawing documentation
  • We will provide a statement of compliance
  • We will provide instructions for use, in particular information on device safety, equipment identification and
  • warning of dangers arising from improper use (obligation according to Government Regulation No. 26/2003 Coll., Annex 1)

Revision of pressure vessels

The operation of pressure vessels is governed by the ČSN 690012 standard and the instructions for service and maintenance issued by the manufacturer or importer. In addition, the following:

  • Decree of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority and the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry No.
  • 18/1979 Coll., As amended, which stipulates the reserved pressure equipment and establishes certain conditions to ensure their safety.
  • Decree of the Czech Patent Office No. 48/1982 Coll., Laying down basic requirements for the safety of work and technical equipment.
  • CÚBP Decree No. 91/1993 Coll., To ensure the safety of work in low-pressure boiler rooms.
  • Act No. 22/1997 Coll., On technical requirements for products.
  • Government Decree No. 20/2003 Coll. Laying down technical requirements for simple pressure vessels.
  • Government Decree No. 26/2003 Coll. Laying down technical requirements for pressure equipment.
  • Act No. 262/2006 Coll., As amended, Labor Code.
  • ČSN 69 0010 Pressure vessels stable. Technical rules. Parts 1 to 12.
  • EN 764 Pressure equipment. Parts 1 to 7.
  • EN 13445 Non-pressurized pressure vessels. Parts 1 to 6.
  • EN 286-1 Simple non-pressurized air or nitrogen pressure vessels.Part 1: General purpose pressure vessels.

Types of Inspection and Testing of Containers:

Default Revisions

… is carried out before putting the container into operation. A review report, which is an attachment of the passport, must be written about the result.

Operational revisions

… shall be carried out within two weeks after the start of the operation of the pressure receptacle and the others at regular intervals not later than one year after the previous operation. Providing regular operational revisions is the responsibility of the pressure vessel operator. These regular operational reviews are also carried out in agreement with the customer.

Operational revisions shall be checked in particular:

  1. the general condition of the container, the security equipment of the regulating shut-off and locking devices, the measuring instruments,
    whether the equipment referred to in point 1 is maintained, checked and documented
    way of operation
  2. cleanliness and order around the container and safe access to containers
  3. whether the production labels are legible and undamaged
  4. whether the operator meets the conditions of Article 6 of the Annex

Internal Revisions:

… shall be carried out within a period of no more than 5 years, taking into account the structure, condition and age of the vessel, the operating medium and special operating conditions. The condition of the container on the outside and inside, including all outlets and kits, is judged.

Leak test

… is carried out after each internal inspection by an overpressure. It is usually done hydraulically or pneumatically.

Pressure test


… shall be carried out at least once every 9 years from the previous pressure test with a test overpressure. It is usually done with water or other non-flammable liquid and that:

  • after each repair or reconstruction
  • after a break of more than 2 years if this is deemed necessary on the basis of an internal review
  • after displacement of the container, if this is required by the internal inspection after the maximum operating
  • pressure has been exceeded or the temperature at which the quality of the material or the mechanical properties of the container wall material may have deteriorated.

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